Lopez Mateos, BCS
Hurricane Jimena Crisis Report Site
Last Update: 2009-12-30 07:40 MDT

Project #4:
The Rodriguez house

Project adopted by the "Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church and Friends" in Ennis, Montana. The floor of this house was not usable as it was, and they collected enough money to pour a new foundation/floor and build the house. The end result was a cost for material of 25,072.00 pesos or at the exchange rate the day of the purchases $1,989.86 dollars. This ended up a little more than our program but as it was the desire of the group who donated to include a new concrete floor and a window and door, it was completed as their wishes, with the help of two folks from up there-- Dick and John-- who came down to participate in the reconstruction.

"The family now has a house to return to. They have been living in a bedroom at a house of another family in Lopez Mateos and are now ready to return to their own home."