Lopez Mateos, BCS
Hurricane Jimena Crisis Report Site
Last Update: 2009-12-27 20:40 MDT

Project #3:
Luceros' house

Reconstruction of Luceros' house: The first two photos were taken during post-storm cleanup, the remainder during reconstruction. "Each and every person helping was either a grandson, nephew or son of Mama Rosario. And they stayed with the project like troopers from start to finish. The first couple photos were arrival of material followed by some instruction and then more instruction followed by even more instruction. Walls were laid out on the floor and fastened together then set aside awaiting the other walls to be assembled. Once all the walls were assemble they were all raised up and put together at the same time. Then the sheeting went into place followed by the roofing."

As with previous volunteers, a number of them had no structured construction experience, so there were on the job lessons in the basics of reading a tape measure and how to properly mark and lay out the studs, building the walls flat and raising them up to then be anchored to the concrete foundation.