Lopez Mateos, BCS
Hurricane Jimena Crisis Report Site
Last Update: 2009-10-04 20:40 MDT

The first reconstruction project:
Leticia and Salo's home

Reconstruction of Leticia and Salo's house: Shown after Jimena in the first few photos attached.

"It was damaged beyond use and the family displaced. Leticia, Salo and the boys couldn't see how to overcome this terrible blow and the government stated there is no help available for the family. When government fails individuals with big hearts are stepping in. Several [friends] have sent us small amounts of money to help with relief as we see fit. Totaling to date about $1500.00 dollars. So with careful planning and frugal buying we are able to rebuild Leticia and Salo's house for that $1500.00. At least provide the material and instructions for the four family members using their labor to rebuild the covered house. As they have income from fishing in the future they will be able to plaster the exterior and sheetrock the interior. But in the meantime will no longer be sleeping under the ruins of what was once their two bedroom house where they raised the two boys. It is in progress and should be ready to live in within a week. The photos are work in progress."

October 3: with the roof on, it's livable and up to the family to continue improving as income permits. Total cost: $23,153 pesos (About $1681 dollars), with left over material of about $150 dollars to go for the next house, making total cost for this project about $1,581 dollars.