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Page updated: 2009-12-30 07:50 MDT

"SEDESOL (the Federal Government relief agency) stated that of the 80 totally leveled houses and another 70 damaged beyond use that they would only help rebuild 4 houses."

(Homes in Progress)

- In the lineup -

These are families whom the Malones (on-site contact) have singled out as being in extreme need and in a viable situation for reconstruction. Click on photos for larger versions.

The García family: "Pedro, Josefina, María García, Rosario Lucero, have cobbled together whatever they could find to get out of the weather after Jimena destroyed their house."

García Family

The Sandoval family. Daniel & Edina in what is left of their house. But Jimena did leave the toilet. Or at least part of it.

Sandoval FamilySandoval Family
Sedano Family

The Sedano family. Amanda Sedano, Suhey Burgoin, Humberto, Scarleyh & Erick López in what is left of their living room, and an exterior view.

Sedano Family
Bañales familyBañales family

The Bañales Family.

The González Family. Cleaning up the remnants.

González familyGonzález family
Aragón family Aragón

Germán Antonio & Sandy Aragón and their roofless house.

The Aragón V. Family: Victor, Marina, María Carmen & Reina. Home under the sky 'till they can get something rebuilt.

Aragón V. family Aragón V. family
Campos family

The Campos Family: Hector, Adela Lesezma, Leanae, Aebella Mensoza, Mitchel, German... (not all in photo). That curtan behind them, WAS the window of their living room where they're standing.

Campos family
Domínguez family Domínguez family

Julio & Leonor Domínguez, José Chávez, by the foundation of their storm-flattened home.

Galindo family Galindo family

A couple views of the Galindo house, home to Jesús, Cecilia, Anastacia, Leticia, José, Noa & Cesar. It's vertical, but not much cover.