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Alicia Malone is a retired engineer who has lived in-- and adopted as her home community-- López Mateos for some 15 years.
She is an active participant in the Los Amigos chapter of Flying Samaritans, Baja Bush Pilots, and Club CADE (local aviation club in La Paz, Mexico). Among her contributions to the López Mateos community are serving as the local manager for the Flying Samaritans Medical Clinic and with her husband Patrick (retired US Navy radio specialist), running a HAM radio network in support of local and itenerant mariners. As a member and constantly active contributor to the well being of this impacted community, she is spearheading the reconstruction of basic dwellings for the affected population.

Dr. Walter Oechel is Director of the Global Change Research Group of SDSU.
Dr. Oechel has based a number of bi-national field courses on Global Change out of López Mateos and has a natural interest in helping this community which has so warmly received and supported his students and faculty.

Larry Miller, educator at heart and computer nerd by current profession, for about 16 years has lived in La Paz dedicating an inordinate amount of time to his day job at the CIBNOR where he works with networks and the WWW and "tries to give the Mexican taxpayers their money's worth, a major challenge in any government organization."

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